Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Get Kahoot!

  • What if you could check for understanding as a way to guide your instruction?  
  • What if we could get a snapshot of where our students are at so that we could re-teach or review material that the students didn't get?
  • What if there was an activity that did these things AND your students were begging you use it in class?

My answer is to Get. Kahoot. Now.

If you’re unfamiliar with it you soon will be.  (It spread like wildfire through our district over the last two months.)  Kahoot is a formative assessment activity that students play like a fun trivia game, using their mobile devices. 

It's not just something you make for them; increase their critical thinking & ask your students to create a Kahoot for an upcoming test.  If they sign into GetKahoot.com on their iPad, through the Safari app, they can create their own.

If you’d like to see the game I created when I introduced it to staff, and use it for your own PD, you can search the “Public” Kahoots for some of the title: “Team Meeting Practice Quiz 2014”.  Then “Duplicate” it and edit it how you’d like.

Here’s your first tip - there are two different sites to know:  

Scroll through the presentation to see the benefits & get some helpful hints for creating your first Kahoot.


  1. Thanks for the great introduction to Kahoot!

    - Alf Inge Wang (Inventor and co-founder of Kahoot!)

    1. Velkomst! I meant to add to that post and didn't: The Kahoot Support team is amazing!
      We had some problems downloading the results, a few weeks ago, and I saw some new-to-tech teachers begin to get frustrated with their new tool. I emailed a question to the support team and got a reply--same day--from Co-founder & Lead designer Jamie Brooker(!). I couldn't believe it. He addressed the problem, said it was back to working now, and said that I could send him the links to their quizzes & the times they were given & he'd retrieve the results. Thank you so so much!