Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time Saving iPad Tip From the Genius Team! Make Logging Into Google Apps Easier!

Here is a tip from one of our student Genius Team members -- so simple it's brilliant.

Make your apps email address a shortcut.

Logging into apps associated with Google Drive is time consuming on the iPad this year, isn't it?  Our teachers and students are always having to re-enter everything, including our long apps email address, plus finding the underscore can be cumbersome. Make your apps address, important logins, and your passwords a shortcut and you'll get in so much quicker.

Some of you only needed to hear the words "iPad shortcut" and you've got it.  Some of you will need the skitched graphic that's below, and some of you can check out this presentation, that the student made(!),  for more info.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Workflow: Cornell Notes Template (or any PDF) into Notability & then into Evernote

As part of our commitment to making our students college ready, our school is implementing the use of Cornell Notes in all of our classes.  There are plenty of Cornell Notes templates to choose from, and many teachers have chosen to link these templates to their websites, the question becomes how do you move that template into the Notability App (which is AMAZING and allows you to write/type/draw/etc on the document) and then into the Evernote App (equally AMAZING & allows you to store their document in a folder)?  BTW--the Evernote folder can be shared with the teacher so that teachers can see their students' notes at anytime, anywhere there's WiFi. (Also, do you think I’m correct in capitalizing Cornell Notes?  It’s a proper noun, no?  My Google search turns up mixed opinions in answer to this question. But back to the more important point of this post...)

Here are some tutorials, created by our Genius Team*, to help staff & students better understand this process.  

They are broken into two short tutorials to represent the two easy steps to move a PDF that's linked to your website
...into Notability (to write on it) and then
...into Evernote (to store it).

Without further ado, here are the tutorials:

*Why Evernote is the greatest, why I love Notability, and why you too need to get your own Genius Team TBPS (#tobepostedsoon)