Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Inaugural Post - It’s not perfect but that’s OK, right?

Hi.  Hello.  Welcome!  How are you?  I’m glad you’re here!  

This post/blog/idea is a long time coming.  I’ve wanted to share my education experiences for so long.  I love working in a middle school with middle-schoolers & middle-school teachers!  I love helping kids ‘get it’ and watching them get excited about projects.  I love teaching (science), technology, and especially I love working with other teachers & helping them with technology.  OK wait; stop.  This is why this thing has taken so long.  I get sidetracked and I feel like I can’t post anything until it’s perfect, which is what has prevented me from sharing anything thus far.  So I’m just going to get over it & get started.

This year my position has changed.  I’m in the classroom less to allow for more time working directly with staff, integrating technology into their courses.  We’re also 1:1 this year with iPads so not only have I - along with an (or my? what article is right here? the team doesn’t belong to me, I’m a part of it.  See what I mean about needing the post to be perfect?  OK, I’m leaving it.) amazing & talented team -  been teaching & creating learning experiences with these mobile devices, I’ve also been having some learning experiences of my own: what it’s like rolling out over 600 student & 150 staff iPads in two buildings over the last 6 months. Is it 150? Wait- I think it's more like 120? 130?

Hopefully by sharing my experiences and ideas I’ll be able to help you.  That’s really my only goal.  I’m going to try and post as often as I can but I’ve learned from reading other bloggers (T-Y BTW) that it’s OK to start small. Also, here’s my ‘fair warning’ that the posts won’t be perfect (and also again...no more apologizing!  We’re all doing our best, no?).  

Let me know what you think & I’ll try my best to help!

:) Becky

p.s. - thanks to Larry David I always 2nd guess this emoticon as a Complimentary Close; maybe I’ll switch to “Yours, faithfully” or something, but (for this post) it feels OK -just this once!

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